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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Horrid Youtube Message From Hamas Re: Gilad Shalit

Obviously the Shalit family is very upset.  Hamas is using psychological warfare to torture the family.  Shalit has been held captive a long time, unless you compare his imprisonment with Jonathan Pollard's.  The United States Government has punished Pollard more severely and longer than any goyish enemy spy who did anything similar.  Pollard admitted to giving information to Israel, but Israel's an ally.  How many other similar cases have there ever been?

Now there's this fokokt idea being publicized that Israel will continue the freeze another three months in exchange for Pollard.  Israel should declare the United States and enemy and forget it and forget the dangerous so-called negotiations.  There aren't any negotiations.  The United States keeps pushing its "plan."  None of the plans, not Bibi's nor either Tzippi's nor Lieberman's nor Obama's ad nauseum will give us peace.  The only question would be how long the modern State of Israel can survive with an internationally supported Arab terror state in its midst.

Back to the Gilad Shalit problem.  No chance of meetings of these so-called "negotiations" until Gilad Shalit is back home!  That's our condition and that's it.  And once he's home, we'll think about meeting with Obama and his crew. 

If it was my decision, we wouldn't meet at all.  Let's wait a couple of decades until there are no violent attacks. For each attack by the Arabs we should postpone meetings by five years.  Keep adding the numbers.  If it goes up to a hundred, so that's what it should be.  We can wait.


Unknown said...

Elder of Zyon said that he thinks that the YouTube video is a hoax.

Hadassa said...

I have a better idea. Let's all agree to violate the Sabbath for three months if America agrees to release Pollard. Violating the Tora isn't going to get us anything. There have been no cases similar to Pollard's, in terms of prison sentence that is. Similar cases have been punished with a prison sentence of two to four years.
I agree about not meeting. The only negotiations should be between Israel's undercover army units and the terrorists in Gaza. When the IDF had undercover personnel in Gaza on a regular basis, captives were never held this long.

Keli Ata said...

Hoax or not it is still horrible. Personally, I think they superimposed images from the boy's one live video into another video. It provides a frame of reference more powerful than the cartoon mocking him, at least for me, reminds me of the horrific execution (beheading video) of Nick Berg.

I don't know if Hamas created it or not but somebody is going out of their way to torment the family, and anyone with a conscience who views the video.

I agree. No talks until he's released.

Batya said...

Sabba Hillel, could be. Elder of Z is a video expert, and this video didn't get the publicity the previous one got.

Hadassa, careful with your words. Shabbat's no joking matter. But the rest of your comment is on target.
Keli, yes, same images.