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Monday, September 13, 2010

Could This Have Been Daniel With The Israeli Flag?

This morning as I was walking on Jerusalem's Emek Rafaim Street, making my way from the Municipality to Matan for an inspiring morning of learning, I noticed a young man pass me rather quickly.  He was running with an Israeli Flag.

Could it have been Elad Daniel Pereg, who captured everyone's attention when he marched by angry Arab mobs during the flotilla hysteria?

If anyone knows who was running, please let me know.  Thanks


in the vanguard said...

Maybe it's this guy - running through Israel:


Anonymous said...

But it could be Daniel - he made aliyah this summer....

Batya said...

van, but would that guy carry an Israeli flag?

a, if you hear more, please let me know.

If anyone can contact him and ask, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for the runner with the flag?

Batya said...

Yes, very curious about it.

Anonymous said...

Please contact me through e-mail:
I know who the runner is.

Anonymous said...

I know who the runner with the flag is, please contact me via e-mail: