Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Reason Shiloh is Such A Great Place

Today on our local Shiloh email list there was a message:

"If anyone for any reason can't be in synagogue to hear the shofar blows, please contact me to arrange a time when I can come to your house to blow shofar."

On Purim, there's a choice of homes to hear the Megillat Ester for those like myself who need a quiet reading.

There's a committee, actually a few committees according to neighborhoods, to make sure those who have serious medical problems, or l'havdil (the opposite) just gave birth get meals and other help.

Neighbors also provide food and household help to mourners.  People take charge, so it's pretty organized.

Ancient Shiloh welcomed pilgrims, Jews from all over the Land of Israel.  It was the national and religious capital for 369 years.  A holiness remains.

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