Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bigotry, Racism, Religious Discrimination!

Nu, aren't those the most accurate words to describe what's happening here in the HolyLand?  I'm talking about what's happening to Jews.  Yes, only to Jews.

When Jews defend themselves and kill or injure the attackers the world is outraged, but when Jews are attacked and murdered by Arab terrorists at most a half-hearted shrug and minimal condemnation.

And don't ignore, dear readers, the most obviously racist policies preached by world leaders and even some Israelis.  That's the very discriminatory antisemitic policy that Jews should neither live nor build in our very holiest Land.  Without embarrassment, they preach that we innocent Jews should be banished from our homes and Homeland simply because we are Jews.

Ironically, the Left which is most vociferously against full Jewish Life in our Biblical Homeland call themselves "liberals."  Nu, what's a liberal.  I thought liberals believed in freedom and human and civil rights.  Where's our freedom if we're banished from our historic homeland?  What are we Jews,  Insect-Free lettuce?


Sara Layah said...

Insect-Free lettuce, Batya.

Certainly not a lettuce entertain you -
though we Jews can be very talented! :)

Unknown said...

Rabbi Heinemann of baltimore suggested the following siman for Rosh Hashanna

A head of lettuce
half a raisin
a stalk of celery

Lettuce half a raisin celery

Let us have a raise in salary.

Unknown said...

When the Unions defeated the Robber barons, where did all the robber barons go?

THey all got jobs as union presidents.

When the liberals defeated the antisemitic racists (such as the Ku Klux Klan), they all joined the "liberal" wing of the winners. It is not a matter of "liberal" or "conservative" but the fact that the statists are hiding under whatever label is most popular at the moment.

Once they are defeated, expect them to pop up pretending to be members of the "right".

Batya said...

Sara Layah, ok, fixed it.

Sabba Hillel, not that funny. Serious business. I referred to lettuce to get people to read the article, not as a joke.

Keli Ata said...

It was bigotry throughout history and it still is.

Batya said...