Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Letting the Inmates Run the Asylum

Today at the pool, I was talking to one of the young mothers who was rather surprised to hear that my childhood education experiences could easily compete with modern nightmares of her generation and that of her children.  Probably most shocking is the fact that I was raised in New York and she took for granted that things are/were better there.

So, davka it's pretty ironic that the New York Times has two very interesting articles about education.  One is about teachers taking over administration of schools and the other is better ways of learning.

When I was teaching in schools I always, ok, almost always felt that there were serious problems with the administration.  My offers to help were rejected.  If only I could run the school....

Well, now I'm a grandmother and I hope that things will be better for my grandchildren.  It's not easy, not at all.  Each kid needs different things at different times.

I put a lot of effort into advocating for my kids when they were students.  As far as I'm concerned that's the job of a parent.  You can't take for granted that the system, the teachers know what's best.  There's no "one size fits all."  Don't be shy, but also don't complain just to complain. 


Unknown said...

Take a look at this article. I think that you will find it interesting and appropriate to this post.


The Gift Of ADHD, A Back to School Story

I originally wrote this seven years ago for AISH.com. Today, on the first day of school, one of our friends has a child with ADHD and needed a little reassurance that everything would turn out OK. I am republishing this for her and all the parents struggling against a school administration that does not try to understand that each child is unique and has a unique way of learning...

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