Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey, Barry Obama, The Only Thing Slipping is Your Approval Ratings!

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama claims that "peace" is slipping away, but the only thing slipping is his approval ratings.  You can't make real peace at a fancy conference table.

When there's no security, there's no peace.  And there definitely isn't security  for Jews in the Holy Land.  So roll up the fancy table cloth and carpets.  Put away the spotlights and put your tux you had cleaned for another Nobel Peace Prize back in storage.

An agreement can't be imposed.  You have a language problem. 

Forget about a shotgun wedding.  We've been shot at too much to believe your fairy tales.

I hope that Bibi gets some self-respect and the guts to stand up and leave.  Better the Israel delegation never show up.  Instead he should visit the mourners and the wounded.

The Israeli people are strong.  We've been carrying the burden while our politicians fiddle away G-d's gifts to us. 


Moriah said...

Hashem is the only one who can help us. Jews need to wake up!

Batya said...


vincent said...

Bibi should leave and or order an attack on Gaza headquarters resulting in a big back cloud for the whole world to see.
Terror needs an response.
Hamas and world needs a lesson.
you canot talk under fire.
What is Bibi waiting for? Where are the jets?

semblance said...

So you have common interests with hamas: they want no peace, you want no peace...

Batya said...

vincent, we ought to do something

semblence, don't distort my words. I want peace, not a piece of paper, Arab terrorist's bullets and a grave. Do you really think the Arabs will give us peace? Don't be naive.

semblance said...

"I want peace, not a piece of paper, Arab terrorist's bullets and a grave."


You want bullets of an arab terrorist and a grave???

Ah, now I understand why you live where you live...

Anonymous said...

Today I was informed on facebook, anyone who makes derogatory remarks against president Obama will be given a warrant, and possible arrest.Also my Israeli flag was removed. Looks like I'm going to get arrested? At least its the only place you get health care!Didn't Hitler do the same ?Silence the opposition? I guess thats his plan for Israel?Pharoah thought he was unapproachable, and I think it didn't go so well for him?You don't mess with the G-d of Israel Obama!

Batya said...

semblance, huh? Maybe you want the grave, bullets etc.
a, I know nothing about that.