Sunday, September 19, 2010

It Can Never Make Up For Their Losses

There are many things that tie people together.  Two families here in Shiloh live on the same street.  They have children around the same ages.  Two of their children were best of friends.  Then one was murdered by Arab terrorists.  During the first few weeks after the murder, his very closest friend was amazingly active trying to create projects to memorialize his murdered friend.  Then he was stopped, permanently stopped by another Arab terrorist.

Avi Siton, HaYa"D, and Shmuel Yerushalmi, HaYa"D, are still neighbors.  Now their remains lie side by side in the Shiloh Cemetery.  Their families and friends established our בית מדרש לנוער Beit Medrash l'Noar, Youth Study Center in their memories.  Just over a year ago, Avi's mother Penina, Z"L, died of cancer.  Even before Penina became ill she worked to have a Sefer Torah, Torah Scroll donated to the Beit Medrash l'Noar in memory of all three of them.

Today was the big day of the הכנסת ספר תורה Hachnasat Sefer Torah the bringing of the Sefer Torah to its home.  The ceremony began with afternoon and evening prayers in our Noam Yonatan Ramat Shmuel Synagogue, then there was dancing the long way around the neighborhood until it reached the Beit Medrash l'Noar.  After that there was a Seudat Mitzvah, required feast in the yeshiva. 

May their memories be a blessing for all.  L'ilui nishmatam, may their souls be elevated.


Risa Tzohar said...

So much sorrow and yet it is encouraging to see that the Jewish response to sorrow is to strengthen the place of Torah in our lives.

Anonymous said...

yeah. theres a lot of tragedy in your neck of the woods.

Batya said...

Risa, so true.
a, these random "pockets" hit. Strange statistics. In other parts of the world, there can be accidents, illness and other violent acts.