Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking The Land of Israel

Today was the annual Avihu Keinan (HaYa"D) Chai Memorial March through the Land of Israel.

I'll start off admitting that for family reasons I could only be on the very beginning of the hike, and the pictures I took were from that, just the first kilometer or so.  For a number of local Shiloh families, the annual hike through the Land is the highlight of their year.  They come year after year with children of all ages.

Living here in a time when people travel in bulletproof vehicles, or at least plastic windows to reduce shattering, it's inspiring and invigorating to walk, doing our traveling the natural way.  The more we walk the stronger we feel, both physically and spiritually.  The Land keeps us going.

Remember that the Jewish People had been exiled many years and returned.  During that time, the Land was desolate, like a depressed person without energy.  That was the Land of Israel before Zionism encouraged Jews to return.

Today not only have Jews returned Home from all over the world, but descendants of Jews who had been lost to our heritage and religion have also found their way to Judaism, the Land of Israel and  Shiloh.

Avihu's bereaved family isn't broken.  They've found new strength in themselves, the community and the Land.

Join us.  This Monday and Tuesday will be lots of activities for the entire family at Tel Shiloh, September 27-28, 10am-5pm.  For transportation from Jerusalem and more information 02-994-4019. Entrance fee NS25 per child and NS35 per adult.

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