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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zionist-Kibbutz Dream in YESHA

The other night on TV, you must think all I do is watch TV, but it's not so, they had a piece on former kibbutznikim in yishuvim. Of course the ones they showed aren't my neighbors from the religious kibbutzim, like Chofetz Chaim or Yavne or Tirat Tzvi. That's not news.

They showed former left-wing from totally non-religious kibbutzim, who today are shomrei mitzvot, Torah Commandment observing Jews living in yishuvim. They also interviewed former neighbors or parents, OK I didn't listen to every word, who told how they feel about the changes.

Of course, some present kibbutznikim have a very strange concept of pioneering. "It was fine before the state was founded, but once there was a state, there was no need to expand." And in contrast the father of one of the former kibbutznikim said: "It's not so strange. My father was a rabbi, and his father and I'm descended from some very famous rabbis."

I think that one of the things that upsets the non-religious Left the most is that they know that we're keeping the Zionist dream alive, and we're keeping Judaism. The great rebellion against Jewish observance is a failure. Without Torah, the Land and the State of Israel just dry up and weaken.

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