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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Not About Shiloh

Yesterday I was interviewed on an American radio show. If I'm ever sent the link, which they had promised, I'll post it, though I was too rushed and spoke too quickly. Cell phone interviews are not my best medium.

They wanted to know how we feel, here in Shiloh, about US's Rice and Olmert's stew, plans to G-d forbid exile us from our home.

Well, my reaction/message is simple:

It's not about us here in Shiloh and the rest of Judea and Samaria. It's about the future of the State of Israel.

US's Rice has a dream. Her dream is to establish another Arab State in the Land of Israel, and she doesn't give a darn hoot if it causes the destruction of the State of Israel. The fact that Ehud Barak's withdrawal from Southern Lebanon facilitated Arab missiles being shot at Haifa and the rest of Northern Israel, and the fact that Sharon/Olmert's Disengagement has given Arabs a perfect launching pad to shoot kassam rockets at Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot and the southern Negev haven't meant anything to them.

If G-d forbid Rice's dream comes true, the entire State of Israel will be easy targets for destruction. So you see that it has nothing to do with Shiloh.

Anyone who supports this conference cooked up by Rice, Blair, Bush, Olmert etc is cooking up the DESTRUCTION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL, G-d forbid!

That's it, easy as pie.


Shifra Malka of JFB said...

And, you could say, it's not even about Israel--it's about Jewish lives! Every inch of our land that's given away means (G-d forbid) Jewish blood that will be spilled, not just in Israel, but around the world. As the Rebbe said, even *talking about* giving away land brings danger to Jews around the world (r"l).

We just read Parshas Lech Lecha, which makes clear that anyone who opposes Jews living on their G-d-given land, is fighting against G-d Almighty Himself.

Time for Torah, tefilla, and tzedoka--*and* publicizing the dangers of giving away land.
Muse, keep up the good work!

Batya said...

Thanks for your comment; it's so true.