Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Freedom of Movement-- for Arabs

The Anti-Israeli/Leftists (one and the same, no?) like to portray Israel as an apartheid state where Arabs are kept in "Arab-only enclaves, and they're not allowed in Jewish areas and roads." It's not the case. Closer to reality would be to say that if there's apartheid here, we Jews are kept away from areas, even within the "greenline," which are considered Arab-only.

Arabs have full freedom of movement, not only in employment, but go into any mall or shopping area, and you'll find lots of Arab shoppers. When Jews want to shop in Arab stores, their lives are endangered, and if they're killed or injured, they're blamed for being "reckless."

Even more. There are Jewish neighborhoods which are filling up with Arabs. You hear as much if not more Arabic in French Hill than Hebrew. Pisgat Zeev and Neve Yaakov buildings are also beginning to get more and more Arab residents.

I took this picture when waiting for a bus in Pisgat Zeev, the main street, just down from the mall. I was sitting at the bus stop and held the camera close to the metal "grill," and my trusty Canon 620 caught them through one of the tiny holes.

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