Monday, October 29, 2007

One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor!

"One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor!"

Yes, Paul Simon was right about that!

Look carefully at how these synagogue seats are constructed.

If you tap the "table" in front of you, you're tapping someone's seat. And if you plop down in your seat, you can make someone's siddur, prayer book, jump. Another problem is when the siddur or Chumash, Bible, is so large that it digs into the back of the person in the seat in front which is attached to your "table." Remember that the seats are also attached horizontally, so if you lean forward, you may take all your seatmates with you. Not very pleasant.

Not everyone is as hyper-sensitive as I am to all these disturbances, but it's still something to take in account and think about.

The recent fad of clapping in the middle of the Silent Prayer is a real problem. It stops me, prevents me from praying, and then it's hard to concentrate again.


mother in israel said...

Clapping? Thankfully I haven't experienced that one yet.

Batya said...

You're lucky.
During some of the "sing along" I have neighbors who clap/bang to a synchopated rhythm all their own. It makes me totally nuts.