Monday, October 8, 2007

Campaigning has begun...

Israeli elections aren't on the "every four year" schedule like in the states, since the governments are coalitions of different political parties with their own agendas. Some governments have lasted the full four years, and some haven't. Also, the date of elections can be any time, as long as it's a Tuesday. Tuesday? Yes, because Tuesday is the middle of the week meaning that preparations and the manual--yes by hand--counting of the votes are as far from Shabbat as possible.

I've been predicting the fall of the Olmert Government, which claims that it can sign agreements without the details being approved by the Knesset or full cabinet, to be some time after it reaches its two years and the new Knesset Members can get pensions benchmark. Things are heating up.

Liberman's "leader of the right" mask is seriously fraying. Not only is he sticking to his ministerial seat, but he has made some sacrilegious statements about Jerusalem.

Rav Benny Elon of the NU-NRP has announced his new plan.

Hold onto your hats; I have no doubt that this winter's politics will be stormy.

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