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Monday, October 22, 2007

Know Your Enemy

There's great confusion in Israeli society, and it's not new. During Oslo times, 14 years ago, an old friend came up to me at a Bar Mitzvah and greeted me with:
"It's nice to see you, even though you're the enemy."

I was so shocked, that I couldn't reply. Yes, imagine me at a loss for words. Rabin, who had commanded the unit that shot to kill Jews on the Altalena, scored great success during Oslo in fostering the idea that innocent, patriotic Zionist Jews like myself were a danger to the State of Israel. His Yartzeit is coming up, and that's the best I can say about him.

Olmert is even stranger, since he wasn't raised to be Left-wing. As a "convert" to that philosophy, his enthusiasm is tinged with "green," envy, greenbacks...

Now it has been revealed that the security forces of his Arab terrorist partners were planning to assassinate Olmert. Considering his release of terrorists who haven't yet succeeded in murdering Jews, I hope he gives the same additional opportunities to these failed assassins. Otherwise, it just wouldn't be fair.

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