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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Read the fine print--that word UNTIL

'IDF chief called prisoner release unethical until Schalit returned'

Take a good look at that headline. It means that the IDF chief is actually in favor, thinks ethical the releasing of terrorist prisoners. It's just that he puts conditions on it.

Many Israeli politicians play that same game, trying to "sound tough" and almost "right wing," but not quite. Listen/read carefully to Sharansky and Bibi.


Anonymous said...


And if they can release Arabs as a "gesture" in honor of Ramadan, then why not release Jews in honor of Sukkot?

I know, I know. Rhetorical question....


Batya said...

Same reason why they're helping the Darfur refugees, while the Gush Katif ones are being ignored. the reports about the Nitzan (GK Refugee camp) school are out of Charles Dickens.