Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Olmert at the OU

Two years ago, the OU's debut Jerusalem convention was "marred" by an interview by its president, Steve Savitzky, in the Jerusalem Post. This year, they have managed to offend again by inviting Olmert to address the convention.

Actually, I'm not surprised. Remember that the OU is the same OU which decided that Disengagement, the Israeli law which expelled thousands of peaceful, law-abiding Jewish Israeli citizens from their homes, schools and businesses, was just an "internal" Israeli affair. They stayed "neutral." Only afterwards were there tepid statements about the plight of the unfortunate refugees.

Remember that it was Olmert, the Unrepentant, who sent the storm troopers against demonstrating youth in Amona! The first-person accounts I heard from those there were totally horrendous!

Honestly, if they really cared about their fellow Jews, they wouldn't let Olmert near their convention, since not only has Olmert 100% supported Disengagement, but he announced that he's planning on uprooting, exiling tens of thousands of more Jews. What's the point of honoring such a man?

So what if he's the Israeli Prime Minister! Would they honor those responsible for Darfur? No, I'm sure not.

Sources say that taste of Olmert's sleazier side. Well, as we say in Hebrew, magui'a lachem! You deserve it!

There's going to be a demonstration
at the time of the scheduled appearance:

The protest will take place at 6p.m. on Wednesday outside JerusalemÂ’s Renaissance Hotel

For information call 052 842-1203

Be there if you can!


yitz said...

This was posted over a week ago. Let's give some credit to Akiva & Nati for bringing this to our attention first!

Batya said...

Yitz, you're right, 100%!