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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rush, rush, rush!

Just a few things.

First about those sic "peace" now assertions that we're stealing land from Arabs. My husband has an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post, which you can read. But more important, think about what that organization is really about!

If they really wanted peace then if there would be peace, we, as Jews, should be able to peacefully and safely live anywhere in the Holy Land we wish, including Shiloh.

Why don't people care about our civil rights? One thing about them. They're not after peace at all. They are out to destroy Israel and are seriously anti-Zionist. I don't have time at the moment to give you the links, but remember that their money comes from sources which do not support Israel at all.

I'm in a rush, since I'm going to the NCSY reunion, which is part of the big OU Convention, the same one which honored Olmert. From the reports I got, he was "laughed at" by the delegates. They "stood up" for the country, but his personal support is low. I'll get more information tonight.

Yes, some people may be disappointed that I'm going, but "hakarat hatov," recognizing the good in others is a mitzvah, too. NCSY is the organization which introduced me to Yiddishkeit, and I have to give them their due.

I certainly am not shy about criticizing them at the same time, which I will, G-d willing.
Shavua tov!

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