Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Olmert is endangering the country!

Things are getting worse.

Olmert Rejects Military’s Warnings – Goes With Ceasefire

How far will he go? It's very clear that he put Peretz in the Defense Ministry, knowing full-well that Peretz would be totally out of his league and therefore wouldn't be able to stop him.

from Yuval Steinitz:

Hamas needs a cease-fire and an Israeli diplomatic initiative for two reasons. First of all, it will shatter what remains of the Western diplomatic boycott of Hamas, and provide legitimacy for the new unity government that will soon be set up under Hamas's direction and influence. A diplomatic initiative with the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority - even if it ultimately crashes on the rocks of terrorism and the demand to destroy Israel, by means of the right of return, like its predecessors - will leave in its wake a fundamental difference: a de facto recognition by Israel, and therefore a de jure recognition by the world, of Hamas as a partner in the international circle, without that group having made any significant and permanent change in its platform or tactics.

The second reason why the hudna appeals to Hamas is its plan to exploit the "opportunity" Olmert has given the Palestinians for a truly important aim - the ongoing strengthening of a Hizbullah-style army in the Gaza Strip, including a continual threat of rocket fire on southern Israel. Hamas heard loud and clear the political and military voices in Israel that called for an urgent military operation, "Defensive Shield 2," in Gaza - an operation that would lead to rooting out the terror infrastructure and wiping out the rocket manufacturers. A cease-fire saves Hamas from this very real danger and allows it latitude for army-building along with politics.

The cease-fire will fizzle out sooner or later, but Hamas will gain from it both on the diplomatic and military fronts.
and the most important reason is:

Terrorists: Cease-fire means chance to reload
Militants say Israel-Palestinian downtime to be used for weapons smuggling, training to attack Jewish state

Send Olmert packing!
We need a new government!


beakerkin said...

Has the opposition focused on a specific alternative? Replace Olmert is understandable, but with whom?

Anonymous said...

That's it. We can call for the dismissal of Olmert all we want, but the fact is that there is no viable alternative on the horizon. Who, do you believe, has a clear-cut vision of the future of Israel?

Batya said...

You're both right; there is no alternative leadership. That's the worst aspect, but we still have to fight him, and...