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Friday, November 3, 2006

The Illegal Poster!

cropped poster, originally uploaded by shilohmuse.

Heroes, Doing G-d's Work

These clean-cut, patriotic, G-d-fearing young men are considered "enemies of the state."

The Israeli Government is so afraid of them that their personal freedom is being restricted. Some are banished from their homes and some are suffering house-arrest.

since they haven't done anything illegal, there have been no formal charges against them and no trials.
That means that they can't defend themselves.

People putting up these posters were even arrested!

Israel is not a true democracy.

Because this was posted on flickr, I don't have my graphics capabilities, nor spellcheck. I'd have to edit the post to use it. More information about their arrest can be found in the post titled: "Protesting "


Yoni said...

We must give strength to these pioneers! Last week, I was at a protest outside the house of the general who signed the expulsion orders. We must understand that these are the opening shots of a struggle for the whole land of Israel; the government is gaging our reaction - will it be like Kfar Maimon or like Amona (or the gay parade counter-demonstration)? The key factors are high turnout and determination at each protest - and that means you, me and all of us!

muse said...

Very true, that's why I posted it.