Sunday, November 5, 2006

"...a threat to the nature of the country,"

Jerusalem Police decided to allow the Gay Pride Parade scheduled to take place in the capital at the end of the week after meeting for two hours with Attorney General Menahem Mazuz on Sunday night.

"Canceling the parade because of threats of violence - is a threat to the nature of the country," said Mazuz.

That's a very interesting statement, considering that Jews are constantly forbidden to to do and go all sorts of places here in Israel, because "threats of violence" by the Arabs.

Last year the Od Avihu Chai March from Shiloh to Jerusalem was forced to abandon its planned entrance to the Old City via the Damascus Gate, because the police were afraid of the Arabs, and this year, too, we weren't allowed through the gate.

The threats of violence are also behind the restrictions of Jews on Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount.

But honestly, I shouldn't expect any logic from the governing elite here in Israel. Last night I found myself in front of the television when it was broadcasting live the Yitzchak Rabin Memorial Rally. I really prefer to avoid those things. It's bad for my health.

Just my luck, David Grossman, the extreme Left wing Israeli writer whose son was killed in last summer's war, was speaking. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He suggested that we do everything possible to "make peace" with Syria, even though we know that we can't trust them. Just keep making offers until they agree. That's insanity.

What's peace? Certainly not that.

I was encouraged by the tepid clapping. Even that crowd didn't think it a great idea.

Making "peace" at any cost is actually the same as letting "threats of violence" rule our lives.

Peace will only come when we are so strong and confident that the Arabs will fear and respect us. Concessions will never bring peace!


yitz said...

"Threats of violence" may be the only recourse for some people in this wonderful "democracy" we live in! But by now it should be obvious that it only works for the Arabs [Temple Mount, Damascas Gate, etc.] and the left wing [Histadrut].
When the "right" or "the religious" try the same tactic, the police get violent and give it to them - on their heads: Amona, Kikar Shabbat, and now Mazuz.
Israel needs an overhaul - or better yet, Moshiach - fast!

Batya said...

I agree!