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Monday, November 20, 2006

I've been saying that....

It's, ok, I wouldn't quite say "funny" that some people get paid very generously for their writing of utter idiocy, but we bloggers, who are sometimes much more... let's say "on the ball" get bubkes--nada, nothing.

Many times I've been told that "being right isn't everything." Well, it certainly doesn't pay the grocer, that's for sure.

For months and months I've been blogging, ranting, about how the Israeli Government has no plans to eradicate, destroy terrorism. They use terms like "reduce" and "diminish." Some people have replied, commenting that it's impossible to destroy terrorism. Well it sure is if you don't have that as your main goal.

What do they think we should do? Build a missile-proof bubble over all Israeli population centers?

How many times do I have to mention the old joke about G-d announcing a new flood and the Israeli (or Jew's) reaction is: "We have two months to learn how to live under water!"

As the experts say, good comedy is closely tied to reality. But it's no joke for us in Israel. At least it's no joke for those of us who refuse to put on those "rose-tinted glasses."

This is an extension of my complaint about the signs in Yad Veshem which say that the Jews "perished" in Nazi Germany. They ignore the "m" word. Instead of hammering away with the true fact that man murdered man, the picture is of a natural disaster, like everyone perished in the flood except Noah and his family. Or twelve skiers perished in the unexpected avalanche.

So now, Avi Dichter, former Director of Shabak, Israel's Secret Service, and present Internal Security Minister, is saying:

"There was never a case where the government ordered the IDF to present a plan for the end or decrease of Qassams fired from Gaza to Israel."

"Therefore, the IDF didn't present such a plan to the cabinet, or say that it was not in its power to end the Qassams fired,"

I've been saying that...
because that's the key to our problem. The people in charge are willing to live with terrorism, which is the most dangerous situation of all.


Pragmatician said...

it's so frustrating to understand somethinhg so clearly and know that those in charge prbably know the sma ebut couldn't care less.
Democracy?I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

It was a very powerful post. I just wonder if those in charge are simply ignoramuses or consciously don't want to tell/face/act in accordance with the truth.

Batya said...

deborah, thank you
It does make you think and it's not pleasant at all.

thanks prag,
definitely democracy has its problems

bec said...

the impression i get is that our leaders are more concerned with fitting in with the rest of the world--maybe some kind of israeli political assimilation?--than they are with our safety and the realities that israel faces on a daily basis.
also, that's very interesting what you said regarding the use of the term "perish" at yad vashem. i hadn't realized that. glossing over the truth of what occurred during the holocaust is pretty sick in general, but in israel it should be considered an outrage.
great blog, btw, i can't believe i haven't made it over here until now.

Batya said...

We do have some major problems, and there are no easy solutions.

Anonymous said...

but how is this different than anything that has been going on in this country since its inception?
for that matter, how is this different than living in the diaspora under the constant threat of annihalation for hundreds of years?
the problem is much deeper than a few rotten, stupid ,corrupt politicians.
and about yad vashem - you have no idea how close you are to opening a can of worms.
so - go ahead and open it!

Batya said...

I've been working on the Yad Veshem thing for awhile, but it's hard to find a can opener sharp enough.