Monday, November 27, 2006

Ceased Cease-Fire

Israel, led by its politicians, media etc, behave like those battered wives who keep believing that if they just try harder, more concessions, their husbands will transform into gentle, loving partners. No matter how hard they're hit, they keep returning for more. And each time they're sure, that now...

Here we go again...
Olmert gave a speech promising more concessions:

If a new Palestinian government is established - a government which will be
committed to the principles of the Quartet, implement the Roadmap and bring
about the release of Gilad Shalit, I will invite Abu-Mazen to meet with me
immediately, in order to conduct a real, open, genuine and serious dialogue
between us.

In the framework of this dialogue, and in accordance with the Roadmap, you
will be able to establish an independent and viable Palestinian State, with
territorial contiguity in Judea and Samaria - a State with full sovereignty
and defined borders.
I hereby declare that when Gilad Shalit is released and returned to his
family, safe and sound, the Government of Israel will be willing to release
numerous Palestinian prisoners - including ones who were sentenced to
lengthy prison terms - in order to increase the trust between us and prove
that our hand is truly extended in genuine peace.
We, the State of Israel, will agree to the evacuation of many territories
and communities which were established therein.
Defense Minister Peretz promised

"Any rocket fired at Israel will be considered a violation of the cease-fire and will be dealt with severely," Peretz said. "Israel is interested in calm but not at the cost of harm inflicted on its citizens."

But what is Peretz doing?

Despite the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, two Kassam rockets, fired from the Gaza Strip, landed in open territory in the Sderot area on Monday afternoon.

Avigdor Leiberman seems in shock; he thought that the coalition agreement he made would prevent such proposals.

It makes more sense to believe in the "Tooth Fairy."


Anonymous said...

Simply too depressing. Israel is kind of a circus right now.

Batya said...

very true, but we can't give up, can't give in