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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Christian Doctrine

For some strange, perverse reason, the Israeli Establishment, Government and media, have adopted a very Christian Doctrine.

"Turn the other cheek"
There's nothing Jewish in it, and Christians themselves don't follow it, since it's masochistic and suicidal. It was actually Jesus's response to the Jewish

"An eye for an eye"
For years Israeli governments have been enacting the punchline of the old joke about how various nations react to the news that G-d will be flooding the world again, in "two months." While the other nations try to figure out how to send maximum numbers of people out in spaceships and the like the Israeli says:

"Now we have two months to
learn how to live underwater."

This is what's going on.

The "powers" refuse to recognize that the Arab world, all of it, sees us as enemies. That includes Egypt, withwhom we signed a "peace treaty" almost thirty years ago.

Egypt poll: Israel, Denmark, US - enemies
92 percent of Egyptians see Israel as an enemy nation, over 50 percent view Denmark, US in same light. Only 2 percent call Israel friendly nation despite longstanding peace
We even supply the "PA" terrorists with weapons. That's as sick as those who pay someone to beat them.

Even during last summer's war with Lebanon, and it was with Lebanon, since the Hizbullah rules there, the IDF was not instructed to destroy the enemy, just to "diminish" the rocket attacks against Northern Israel. I remember hearing a minister in the Israeli Government (I think it was Izak Herzog) on the TV using just that word. Officially the war was to pressure the terrorists to return our captured soldiers, not to defend the civilian population. At the time of the ceasefire, the terrorist military structure still stood, and now it is being repaired and increased.

And now the IDF is at it again, using the word "operation" and not war. This time the object is the south. And again, this isn't a war to defeat the enemy or destroy their military capabilities.

Get Used to the Rocket Attacks
While Operation Autumn Clouds enters day two, officials are releasing statements that the military operation will not bring a total halt to Kassam rocket attacks.
In a sad statement, officials are already signaling defeat, informing Sderot and western Negev residents that the daily Kassam rocket attacks are now ‘part of life,’ indicating the IDF does not have the ability to bring a total cessation to the attacks. (cont.)
Israel needs an entirely new leadership. Yes, it needs leadership, not a bunch of wimpy, left-wing egotistical politicians.

We need strong Jewish leaders who only think of what's good for us. By being strong, and only by being strong, we will gain the respect of the world. Honestly, I don't care if they hate us. Now we're mocked and abused. Let the world fear us!

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach!


KennewickMusing said...

I think (could be wrong though) that "turn the other cheek" is meant on a personal level, between individuals. I don't believe it applies in a situation against enemies of this nature.

Since Egypt thinks the USA is an enemy, I'd sure like our government to stop sending them aid money. But then they'd whine about their "humiliation" and con the world yet again.

Batya you said: "Let the world fear us!" AMEN. It's better for a country to be feared than liked, sadly.

Batya said...

good idea
remind the American Government what Egypt really thinks