Sunday, November 19, 2006

One-sided, Arab-sided

I am 100% against the so-called "security wall" which is seriously mutilating, scarring our Holy Land.

Yes, it restricts movement and travel of Jews, Israelis not only Arabs, which is ignored by those who protest any civil rights abuses. We're not included among those deserving civil rights.

Many roads here are judenrein, cleansed of Jews, as the Nazis termed it, and the "wall" will make matters only worse. We're the innocent victims paying the double price of Arab terrorism. Not only do the Arabs attack us, but the Israeli authorities restrict us.

No one cares, just like they don't care that Sderot is being attacked daily by Arabs, who have turned the once peaceful Gush Katif into an armed camp with Southern Israel in its sites. Not even the Israeli Government cares. It has no plans for destroying the terrorist strongholds and instead of taking the wall's budget and at least repairing Sderot and building shelters, it goes on with the wall. It's obvious that their priority is to enrich the contractors, since the wall endangers the country by blocking visual access and quick response.

Let's change this government!
Dump Olmert!
Dump Peretz!
Dump Lieberman!
and send the Retirees back to their Old Age Homes!


goyisherebbe said...

It is our fault that we, the Jewish residents of Yesha, did not set out on the first day of autonomy in 1993 in convoys of 100 or so cars, armed, and regularly drive through all sorts of places where they didn't want us to go. We should still do it. We should contact our neighbors and offer a joint front against the fence with our own demonstrations and Hebrew graffiti. The Americans and Europeans (Uropishers) and whatever are playing divide and conquer against both us and the Arabs. Their buttons are a little easier than ours to press, but manipulating us is not so hard either.

Batya said...

You're right, but most of us are simple law-abiding people who are taking too long to realize that not only are there "problems" with some of the laws, but that there are law-makers who hate us and worse.