Wednesday, August 24, 2005

letter to the editor, Aug. 24

Dear Sir:

On Sunday two things will be happening. The first "wave" of Disengagement refugees will be kicked out of their insufficient hotel rooms, and the first of the bones of bodies in the Gush Katif Cemetary will be dug out.

Mourners will be required to sit shiva for an addional day, when the bones are reburied.

But there's a big problem. The mourners are homeless refugees and therefore have no place to bury their dead. Who is going to pay for the funerals? Where will the bones of the dead be buried?

The government charged the families, that the government evicted from their homes for moving expenses. Some people left their possessions, because they didn't have the thousands of dollars that it would cost them to store their material possessions in containers.

Now, for those whose loved ones have been buried in Gush Katif, will they be billed again? And how can one ever compensate people for such pain?

Batya Medad

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