Wednesday, August 17, 2005

not in the news #1

Many important things haven't been in the news, unfortunately. I'm going to try to keep sending notices. Please check periodically for updates.

Apparently there are Gush Katif refugees in Jerusalem hotels. As soon as I find out which ones I'll let you know. The neighbor who told me is on her way with a group to a refugee camp in the south. They've collected lots of nosherei and other food stuff to bring to the families.

Refugees are without work. Middle-aged farmers just can't start again, and with what and where?

Forty high school students from the girls high school in Ofra are in Neve Dekalim with their principal.

The other night when my neighbors were arrested trying to get to Kissufim, everything was going fine, until someone called out that he had just gotten a call from Motetzet YESHA which instructed them to proceed to where the police/army were waiting ambush.

Immigrants from former USSR say that this is much worse than the Gulag.

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