Monday, August 15, 2005

today's demonstrations

very quick for now
there was a great number of demonstration options today.
People are still trying to get to Gush Katif or at least keep the soldiers occupied. There were all sorts of demonstrations around the main government offices near the Kenesset and in the Old City. But I decided to join the one at the Prime Minister's Residence, near the center of town, Paris Square, near the Kings Hotel. It was a small demonstation and there were times we didn't even have signs, but we had lots of orange.
I took pictures, and they'll be up in a few days.
Passing motorists were very supportive, which is why I like the spot. There's a real interaction.
One sign, in Hebrew, said that "Sharon's a slimy crooked politician." A guy stopped his car and told us that "Sharon's even worse than that. I was in the army with him, in the Yom Kippur War. He's much worse." and then he had to drive off.

I guess the true stories about Sharon are still to be told.


Esther said...

I read a great book on that war and came away with a similar conclusion about Sharon. Thanks for sharing this!

Batya said...

What book?