Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Much too Tisha B'Av

First, yes I know that I have ranting against the NY Times; it's not that they're not publishing anything about Disengagement. They've been publishing some nice features, very moving, like this sensitive one.

One of the elite pre-army yeshivot is the one in Atzmona, which was also the site of a terror attack, resulting in the murder and wounding of a number of students. I hope that this article isn't true.

Anti-Disengagement forces are working hard. This is more cheering.

This comprehensive article includes instructions from HaRav Yigal Kamentsky, Chief Rabbi of Gush Katif.

Ok, I admit that I'm a cynic. There must be lots of people trying to discover what's going on. The Jerusalem Post has a whole section, or site on Disengagement. Though I think that there's nothing that beats Arutz 7 and private blogs.

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