Monday, August 29, 2005

An Answer!

Today when I was goofing off at home, I read the recent Newsweek magazine. In it was a real eye opener!

Article 1 of 137, Article ID: nwov220920050829August 29, 2005, Newsweek International, Atlantic Edition
By Tara Pepper
Of Criminals And CEOs
For a while, Brian Blackwell seemed to have it made. His girlfriend believed the cosseted only child from Liverpool was a professional tennis player, with a $125,000 Nike contract funding his jet-set lifestyle. He hired her as his private secretary and wrote her a check for $90,000. He bought her a $16,000 car, then purchased $22,500 worth of flights for them to New York, Miami, Barbados and San Francisco. When they returned, he spent the summer at her house. One day the police knocked on her...

(too bad I couldn't get a link or the full text)
The subtitle in the paper states:

The difference between bold, creative visionaries and deluded psychopaths is not as big as it used to be.

The article continues by giving examples and descriptions of those who smudge the boundaries between the two types of people. People with "severe cases of narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD..." "...grandiosity lack of empathy and exploitativeness..."
How about? "...exceptional managers, galvanizing employees and making far-reaching changes..."
and these? "...arrogant and manipulative, but almost charismatic and hard-charging..."

Now, who has these very characteristics?

Ariel Sharon?

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