Thursday, August 18, 2005

ordinary people

Our power comes from our ordinary person, not the "leaders" with their salaries. We see where they've dragged us.

Today, in downtown Jerusalem, I saw a wonderful sight. Young people set up tables, with lots of large papers taped together. They asked passersby to write to the refugees of Gush Katif. And we did.

And just further up Ben Yehuda Street, young people, teens, and our teens are the best in the world, were sitting on the ground, in a circle. Many wore orange. Some had guitars, and they were singing.

I walked to the Old City, and in the Jewish Quarter I saw a lot of soldiers. One officer looked familiar. He had been a student of mine. He left his soldiers and came to talk to me. It was so wonderful; I love teaching these boys. That's why I do it. Such a feeling to see how they've grown up. I'm so proud of them.

And I went to the kotel, expecting to find refugees from Gush Katif, becuase Netzer Chazani said that they'd be camping out there. As I got in view of the kotel I saw buses, lots of buses, so I was sure. Then as I got closer I saw that the passengers weren't the Disengagement refugees from Gush Katif. There were dozens and dozens of wheel chairs. And teenagers wearing "madrich," "counsellor" t shirts, were helping the handicapped into their chairs and wheeling them. And some of the guys were singing and dancing for them. All this was in the big plaza by the kotel.

And then I traveled to Beit El to friends, whose youngest was Bat Mitzvah, just after the brit millah of their first grandchild. All that in one week.

Baruch Hashem, the people here are wonderful, ordinary people.


Esther said...

Sounds absolutely amazing....the Jewish spirit at work. I miss Israel so much.

Batya said...

We have to keep these kids strong,until they're ready to take over. We have failed.