Sunday, August 14, 2005

International Robbery and Calculated Editing

I was raised reading the NY Times, and this past week has been very disappointing. You can easiyl discern the calculating decisions to give an inaccrate impressing of what is happening in Israel.

The massive demonstrations, Wednesday night at the kotel and Thursday night in Tel Aviv were ignored or shrunk beyond recognition. Considering that on Wednesday night, not only was the kotel plaza totally packed and the roads and stairs leading to it full, but people couldn't even get into the gates of the city. The NY Times ignored the demonstration entirely. And the report on the one the following night was inaccurate.

They are trying to give their readers the impression that opposition is minimal, and Disengagement is accepted. Thursday morning edition had an article about the few who infiltrated to beef up numbers.

Today there is a strange difference in reports from the NY Times and Arutz 7 about the fate of the hot houses, the amazingly successful agricultural business in Gush Katif. Neither of the two mention the feelings or agreement of the business owners.
NY Times
Arutz 7
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