Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Bibi, Where art thou?

For those who told me I was too "harsh" or "suspicious" or cynical about Bibi Netanyahu's resignation. Are you still waiting for him to take the mantle of leadership of the anti-Disengagement population?

Do you know where he is? Where is this great "leader?"

Is he home? in his office? supporting his troops? leading them?

Is he working hard to gather Likud support before he and Olmert have to fight it out?

Is he dropping everything to save the nation?

I wish he was and then I could apologize.

Bibi's abroad. Yes, he's fundraising. Ok, officially for Israel Bonds, and the dates were set before his resignation. But he knew about Disengagement, right? He purposely agreed to leave the country when the country needs leadership. So, if that's the case....

I'd say...
he's not a leader!

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