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Monday, August 22, 2005


Bassi's getting paid a bonus, and refugees are and can't even pack. Corruption is rife.

Bassi is a prime example of why my father told me that I shouldn't become religious. He said: "They're all thieves!"

When he started his career, after WWII, as an accountant he worked for the New York State Insurance Fund. He was sent to check the books of businesses. He kept finding "irregularities" in the accounts of Orthodox Jews.

He didn't stop me from becoming religious, but I promised him that I would keep Shabbat, kashrut etc, but I would also live according to the standards he set. I would not be a "ganeff."

Bassi wears a kippah and comes from a religious kibbutz. He is the type of Jew who gives Jews a bad name. And now, besides his despicable job, which destroys businesses in competition with those he has been associated with, he is getting a bonus. He's getting paid extra, because good people with more pride and dignity than he could ever imagine, left their homes without physically attacking the soldiers and police.

These people are now homeless and jobless. The "lucky ones" have been stuffed in small rooms and trailers. Their possessions destroyed and stolen. They are being billed for storage containers without any guarantee that they will ever recover what they had.

Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert and the rest of those getting paid as government officials are pleased with Bassi's work.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to fix/correct the country, not heal it. It's not good when the skin over an infection heals, when the pus and bacteria are multiplying. That was always the mistake of the Revisionists and Begin over the years. They wanted healing, not cleansing.


Smooth said...

This is the "baseless hatred" that we have all been condemned with. How do we break the chains attached to this sin?

Batya said...

The only rationale behind Disengagement is jealousy and hate.