Saturday, August 20, 2005

b'ratzon, willingly?

So much is going around in my brain, and I can't write the long musing that composed itself this morning, when it was forbidden to write.

So, I'll just go over a term they kept repeating on the news. The media, so disappointed that the poor, citizens, residents of Gush Katif, hadn't opened fire, hadn't physically attacked the soldiers and police who had come to drag them from their homes and gardens and business and schools and jobs. The media kept asking when the fireworks would begin.

And when they saw the grim-faced people being marched from their homes, the media said that they were going "b'ratzon," willingly. That wasn't true at all.

They left with dignity, against their will, but with more pride and dignity than those blood-thirsty reporters and politicians could ever imagine.

Shavua Tov, and G-d willing it should be a shavua tov a good week, but I know that the nightmare isn't over.

Now thousands of people must find new homes, jobs and build new lives. And we all have to deal with a major trauma.

And the world, yes the world, will be less safe, since Disengagement strengthens terrorism, and the terrorism here is the root of world terrorism.


Esther said...

You're absolutely right. Why Bush thought this was a good idea and supported Sharon, I have no idea.

Batya said...

'cause everybody hates the Jews...