Sunday, August 14, 2005

Words From a Friend

This was sent by an American friend, whom I know via emails.


Open letter to the President of the United States, the Senate, and the House of Representatives:

I am a nobody. I have no voice except through faxed letters to my representatives, the President, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld et al. I am a nobody, a woman, a business owner, a nurse, a mother. I have no political ambition. I am but one of millions of faceless, voiceless humans that live in the United States of America.
Today, I feel that this is no longer the greatest country on God’s green planet. I feel humiliated, and betrayed by my own government. I feel like throwing my citizenship away, and would, if that were possible. I’m angry at this betrayal, and here, in this letter, I’m going to tell you why.

Back in the 1970’s when the first oil embargo happened, it was clear to me, and no doubt many others, that our dependence on foreign oil was a danger. Yet, those that tried to come up with alternatives were silenced, thwarted, ignored. Our government knew at that time that placing all of our apples in one basket was a bad idea, yet no one bothered to find any reasonable alternatives, much less fund them. This was the first betrayal, and as we can see today, has led to a host of betrayals.

But that’s not the worst of it. I don’t need to spell out the “missed” opportunities to find alternate energy sources, nor do I need to spell out the “missed” opportunities to liquidate our hateful Islamic enemies, nor do I need to spell out the horrendous stupidity of political correctness and it’s consequences that have so endangered our very lives. Actually, this isn’t the reason for this letter. This letter is the tale of two countries, and the ultimate betrayal of our current government policy.

This policy, which has everything to do with the Middle East, is the betrayal of all times.

You see, with the President’s “road map to peace” and his emissary of Condoleeza Rice to Israel to strong arm the Israeli government into compliance, the “settlements” will be disengaged come hell or high water in the next week.
Mr. President, you made a deal with the devil. You swore to this country that we would
1) Never deal with terrorists (which you reneged on by keeping an “open door” policy with the Palestinians, although not with Arafat directly.
2) To hunt terrorists down and bring them to justice. Again you reneged on this. Abbas is known for his support of jihad jihadjihad.
3) By negotiating with the Palestinians and supporting Abbas, you, sir, have created what will be the greatest, cruelest genocide this world has seen since WWII.
4) By not learning about the true nature of Islam, you have placed every American in harms way, and every Israeli at the sword’s edge. You have put innocent Jews to the Islamic sword.

What our country and our legislature didn’t learn, is the basic tenent of Islam. To rule the world. Further, what our government has failed repeatedly, lately, to understand is that any concession, any kindness, any act of humanity is seen by these barbarians as weakness. The road map will never work simply because, as we see in today’s headlines, lies, upon lies, upon lies, are all that these terrorist groups can espouse. They can not tell the truth, they revise history to suit their deadly aims. They can not be dealt with at all, they can only be destroyed, and destroy them we must. We must call a spade a spade and not a tulip. The Islamic religion is NOT a religion of peace. Anyone who has ever read the Quran can easily cite numerous instances in which the annilation of anyone not muslim is demanded. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of muslims today believe this.
Today, not only Hamas, but Abbas himself claimed what they’ve been claiming for years and years, today Gaza, tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem. You, Mr. President, have put these innocent, peace loving people, the Israelis, directly in the path of death. And by default; you have also done this to Americans.

Remember us?
The people you swore to protect? Now that the Palestinians will be waging relentless terror on Israel, they will have plenty of assistance from neighboring countries to wage jihad not only on Israelis, but to train, arm, and send forth their murdering bands of brothers.

So now we have a government official named Abbas, who openly supports the ruination of Israel. And we have Hamas and other groups that openly swear to take all the “occupied lands” and drive the Jews out. Great. Just great. Of course they won’t stop there, because Mr. President, you have now created a perfect place for terrorists to learn, to assemble weapons, to import weapons via the sea, and of course, to export both terrorists and their weapons to distant lands, like, the USA. Please do not feign shock at this, this was the intended outcome. No doubt the money men behind all of this, for example the Saudi’s, had a great deal of influence in the “road map.”

Today, I am ashamed to be an American. I am deeply ashamed of my government. My heart is in shreds for what could have been. Instead of what could have been, our very own country will be taken over just as Israel will be taken over. Just as France, Germany, England, Holland, et al. will be taken over. We don’t have much time left to enjoy what once was a great country. We don’t have much time left to savor the sweetness of America, for it is fouled by the stench of betrayal.

Chris Landrum

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