Thursday, August 25, 2005

hh reminder and pre-school song, dance etc

I've been putting together the next Hevel Hevalim. So far I have some interesting stuff, at least in my opinion. I want it finished early Sunday morning Israel time, bli neder.

It's scheduled for just before school resumes here in Israel, which is the perfect time for me to volunteer. I can't believe that I'll be back in the classroom soon trying to teach Israeli male teenagers their favorite subject--English. Ok, I wish it was their favorite. It's certainly their favorite to avoid and complain about.

Honestly, I should be cooking and cleaning and doing other domestic chores. ...but man doesn't live on bread alone...

And how did we ever live without computers and internet? So if you've posted something special about Israel or Jewish issues this week, or if you saw something on the topics, please send the link and a blurb to:
shilohmuse at yahoo dot com

And now let's all sing along with me:

Keep me out of the

keep me out of
the grease

buy me some

and take-away
I don't care if I never
scrub plates

for it's root, root, root
for disposables
and vcr's and

one, two, three
lift my feet
the arm chair's for

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