Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Compare these two different articles. It's hard to believe they're writing about the same thing.

Comment! Shout! How can everyone be so silent?

Now I understand the Holocaust better. The world was silent then, too. The Judenrat and the kapos and the good people, who didn't want to understand, didn't want to get involved.

And all the simple Germans, just obeying orders.... and then when the epidemic spread through Europe... nobody lifted a hand. And the American military allowed the the Nazis to murder, stopping them wasn't a priority. Only when the ordinary soldier, after the war, discovered the survivors, they stuffed them with food, and more died.

What's everyone waiting for?

Is everyone waiting to donate to more museums to memorialize what should have been saved, what should be alive?

65 years later, nothing has changed. Have any of you read what the Arabs are promising to do next? They're not promising peace. They're expanding their list of demands. They never promised peace and they didn't ask for Gush Katif.


Marcel said...

Today I read a word of encouragement from Secretary Rice that Gaza was just the beginning.
Her Boss has promised a SOLUTION to the Jewish problem, namely a Palestinian state. Yet the majority of Jews and Christians have failed to address this EVIL man who drives Sharon to divide Israel and remove Jews from their land under the LIE of peace.
At least during the previous holocaust EVERYONE had the sense to know who threatened the Jewish people. Today the denial and blindness towards the Bush Road Map is mind boggleing. The Bush Road Map is a greater threat than is Sharon as another spineless politician who replaces the general will have to stand up or fold under unrelenting EVIL pressure from Washington to appease Arabs/Islam instead of defeating the Palestinians.

Batya said...

The Road Map of Bush and Rice endangers the entire world.