Wednesday, August 24, 2005


B B, though not in Netanyahu. The B B I'm thinking of is using the letter "B" for BOYCOTT and the second "B" for the head of the Disengagement Administration, the one and only Bassi. He's a businessman and has connections to all sorts of businesses.

Personally, I like to buy from my friends. If there's a choice between a friend's store and the store of someone I don't like, without any hesitation, I prefer giving my money to my friends. For example, we only buy organic eggs from a neighbor. He sells to the local grocer. If none of his eggs are in the store, we ask him if there are any available before buying a different brand.

Someone else cheated a friend of mine, so I won't do business with that person. It's very simple, not even political.

So I just think that any business that has ever been connected to Bassi should be, let's say: "avoided." As long as there's an alternative, and I'd rather not eat lettuce, if the only lettuce in the shop is tainted with Bassi.

Bassi worked hard to shut down the Gush Katif agriculture.

Here's a link in Hebrew about Bassi's businesses and career, and here's another.

Let's just patronize the businesses of good, moral people. There's nothing wrong with that.


BrooklynJewishGuy said...

Forgive me (I live in the US and can learn and read Hebrew) for not reading the article in Hebrew, but I'd rather not "break my teeth" on reading it. Please clarify, are you saying that Bassi is a businessman and he's in the lettuce and/or agriculture business??

If that is so, can this whole expulsion plan be any clearer?

I was part of NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind's group that visited Gush Katif before Shavuous. Both my wife and I were in "gan eden" throughout the whole trip. The citizens of the entire Aza are examples of mesiras nefesh Yidden and the agri-business that was the backbone of the Gush economy was exemplary.

Are you telling us that the "gov't" didn't have the decency to pick someone who was beyond reproach and conflict of interest to head up the disasterous expulsion plan??

Batya said...

Yes, there's lots of dirt in them thar lettuce.

Go into arutz 7 and do a search on Bassi, read David Badein's Israel Resource News Agency, the link is on the sidebar for both.

We need more honest Jews in Israel.