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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Are There Still Jewish/Israeli Bloggers? HH and KCC

It has been  four weeks since I last posted a Havel Havelim, the old weekly round-up of Jewish and Israeli blog posts.

From the updates on my blog rolls, meaning the list of blogs on the sidebars of my blogs,  there still are people blogging. I sometimes look at the various blog posts and enjoy reading them. What has very obviously petered out is the community, the camaraderie that we once enjoyed. I miss that. So, although the former niceties of thanking hosts of the Jewish blog carnivals Havel Havelim and Kosher Cooking Carnival seem to have gone the way of the Long Distance Operator, I still think that offering my readers a taste of other blogs is a good and productive thing to do. This time I will also include posts that would have been in the Kosher Cooking Carnival. I'd love it if others felt like hosting either one or both or the combo, so if you're interested, please let me know at shilohmuse@gmail.com. Both blog carnivals have facebook pages, Havel Havelim and Kosher Cooking Carnival, just click the names and join.

I hope that you check out the other blogs and posts, comment and share. Remember that blogging gives us the opportunity to post what the mainstream media leaves out. This time I will just feature a few blogs I like. They are very different. In addition I will add links to some of my own blog posts from the past few weeks. I would really appreciate your feedback on this. Here goes:

PREOCCUPIED TERRITORY is a fantastic satirical blog. Especially since the "death" of Caroline Glick's Latma, we're in need of someone to show how outrageously dumb people on the Left can be.

Cabinet To Vote On Peace Pact With Nablus-Area Plumber

Report: No One Accuses US Blacks Of Loyalty To Liberia

Study: Arabs Who Stab Jews Might Not Be Interested In Coexistence

AvivahWerner.com is a by blogger who writes very honestly about her life and family.

The healing power of siblings

When intrinsic motivation is missing in college students

What would you do today if you were brave? Here’s my answer.

israelseen.com is an excellent comprehensive site which offers blog posts about Judaism and Israel. OK, now, is there really a difference nowadays between sites and blogs, articles and blog posts? Not really.

Jack Cohen – Anousim Initiative Pt. II

There is a synagogue on Har HaBayit

A Photographic Essay of the Secrets Under the Al-Aqsa Mosque

David Bedein – The Mufti, Hitler and the Palestinians: The Facts!

Doug's blog is a favorite of mine to be perfectly honest. He blogs about Israeli beers. A taste of the gold, Three new Israeli beers.
Israel Just the Facts is a blog I'm just recently acquainted with. Here are a couple of its posts.
Is Anyone Listening? Is It Still Unclear What The Middle East Wars Are About?
You Are Not Going To Believe What a Mother of Killed Palestinian Terrorist Pulls Out On LIVE TV!
The Real Jerusalem Streets photographer is an old friend of mine. We love to meet each other no matter what the occasion. Her blog is a visual pleasure:
Rain in Jerusalem, 6 Years in Jerusalem: Then, Now, Next, and on Israellycool, Sorry AP, No Excuses For Murder.
Good News From Israel, New Topic: Jewish Inventors and Innovations is part of a Jewish trivia game that Jacob Richman has been working on.
I found this blog Going Home.. To Yerushalayem on the Life in Israel blogroll.  Here's an interesting post Historical Background On the Struggle For Jewish Prayer On The Temple Mount:
I just realized that Leora has changed the name of her blog to Sketching Out. Most of her posts are of her artwork, but sometimes she posts a great kosher recipe, like now Squash Carrot Soup – Orange and Yummy. She also hosts JPIX, the Jewish blog carnival that features picture posts.
From Miriam's Kitchen... If Miriam says that this is easy to make, believe her. She doesn't have time to waste,  An Easy Supper. Vegetable and Cheese Lasagna. Miriam has another blog, Miriam's Words, Longing For a Quiet Day..
My friend Debbie Dan is a geriatric social worker by profession, and she's also my age, so... Yes, her blog is excellent and very informative. Here are a couple of posts, STAY SAFE, SENIORS! and A SENIOR SIGHING…..BUT ENDING WITH A SMILE….
Bucking the Trend is Sara Honig's blog. Here's what she wrote about Yitzchak Rabin, The Rabin Finger-Pointing Fest.
Here are a few posts by Tzivia, the multi-blogger, Arabs, on the train, Once upon a time, in Bnei Brak … and Dear Family: she is safe, so please stop asking
I consider Jewish-Israel to be a very important project. Here's their most recent report/post: Chief Rabbis Vindicated for Asking Jews to Avoid ICEJ’s 2015 Jesus Worship Feast
Here are some of my recent posts from both A Jewish Grandmother and Shiloh Musings. Shiloh, The Perfect Place for Jewish Prayer! Types and Fonts in the Israel Museum, Creative Vegetable Cooking, Fighting "City Hall" and Winning!!! Protection Against Terrorists? TIPS! and Bibi Capitulates Yet Again!

Thanks, comment and share! And visit as many blogs as you can, commenting and sharing all the way...

Have a wonderful week!


Miriam said...

Shavua Tov Batya

Thank-you so much for the mention of my 2 blogs.


Batya said...

Your blogs are wonderful. Thanks for the thanks.

Doug Greener said...

Thanks for the mention, Batya. We aim to please. So much is going on in the world of Israeli beer that I can't keep up. I'm giving a lecture on the history of brewing in the Middle East, including the Israel craft beer revolution, on November 16, 8:00 pm, at the Conservative Center, 8 Agron Street in Jerusalem. And there will be tastings! Please try to come -- and tell your beer-loving friends.

Batya said...

Doug, I really enjoy the blog and the beer! If I'm not working I'll come and we'll go back in the direction of Pisgat Zeev together where I'll catch my bus.