Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meanwhile in Shiloh...

a neighbor "neutralizes"
an Arab terrorist
in Jerusalem
This morning, there were a number of fatal terror attacks by Arabs on Jews throughout Israel. At the same time, a number of women and I were at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh, for our monthly Rosh Chodesh Prayers. We had no idea about what was happening in the rest of the country. It was quiet and peaceful while we prayed together, women of all ages from various communities near and far including the well known writer and blogger, Tzivia.

One of the reasons that I began the Women's Rosh Chodesh prayers is because I just couldn't stand the rough, aggressive atmosphere around Kever Rachel, Rachel's Tomb. If you take public transportation, there's sometimes pushing and shoving. Inside the tomb, there's hardly any room, and it sometimes gets very unpleasant.

As you can see, that is not our problem in Shiloh Hakeduma. It can be set up so that hundred, even thousands can pray with dignity and relative comfort.

Shiloh was the first Capital of the Jewish Nation after the Exodus from Egypt. This period lasted for almost four hundred years and is well-documented and proven by the extensive archaeological discoveries that have been made here.

Women's Prayers at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh Rosh Chodesh Kislev
Friday November 13, 2015
1st of Kislev, 5776, 8:30am
Hallel and Musaf for Rosh Chodesh
Tour of Tel Shiloh
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson
Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors
תפילת נשים ראש חודש כסלו בשילה הקדומה, תל שילה
יום ו' 13-11  א' כסלוי, תשע"ו 8:30
הלל ומוסף לראש חודש
יהיה דבר תורה קצר וסיור בתל
כדאי לבוא ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

Please save the date and let others know. Join our facebook group for more updates. And remember that there are many other things to do at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh. It's open to visitors six days a week. For more information call  02-994-4019.

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