Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bibi Capitulates Yet Again!

Why should we be keeping The Temple Mount safe for a bunch of vicious anti-Jewish/Israeli terrorists?
Netanyahu: We won't give up Temple Mount or allow Jews to pray
No comprendo! Honestly, is that something a Jewish Israeli Prime Minister should be saying?
  • Why aren't Jews being given equal rights on the Temple Mount?
  • Why aren't Jews being given human rights on the Temple Mount?
  • Why aren't Jews being given religious rights on the Temple Mount?
  • Why aren't Jews being given civil rights on the Temple Mount?
Arabs throwing stones at Israeli police on the Temple Mount - Feb. 7, 2014
Photo Credit: Sliman Khader/Flash 90
photo credit

Why are Arabs allowed to run wild and desecrate the Temple Mount? If they really considered it holy, they would behave peacefully and with dignity!

My visit on the Temple Mount, Har Habayit, photo:BatyaMedad
The Jewish connection to the Temple Mount as the holiest spot in the world predates the invention of Islam and we must demand our rights! We Jews must be permitted to pray and build a synagogue. The Muslims must be cleared from the Temple mount and sent to Mecca. If they want to go up on the Temple Mount, then they must undergo full security inspections and arrested for any/all violence. The same for Christians, and I honestly have nothing against Jews being inspected for weapons either.
There must be equality in security. But remember that a Siddur (Jewish prayerbook) and other Jewish ritual objects are not weapons. We Jews must be permitted full prayer rights on the Temple Mount!!!
Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu should never again capitulate to foreign demands!!


Shiloh said...

I personally think a deal has already been cut on the land being divided. They cannot implement it quickly, as a civil war would break out, but like putting a frog in cold water and turning up the heat until it boils and dies. The leaders are afraid of the world, they are afraid of creating our destiny, they are the faithless shepherds.

Anonymous said...

This is like King Solomon and the two women who gave birth in theU same dwelling. One rolled on her baby and killed it and so she switched infants while the other woman was sleeping. I don't have to tell you the rest of the story. The other woman in this story is the Palestinian people and Israel and the Temple Mount is the baby. If they were the owners they would not want to destroy it. But they do want to destroy it. This is the indictment, the truth for anyone with eyes in their head.


Batya said...

Shiloh, for sure Bibi is selling out.
Emunah, we are the ones willing to kill the baby, and that is very BAD!!!

Tracy W said...

NOT related, but important:

PM Netanyahu recently made a statement about the Arab role in the Holocaust.

Although he worded it badly, his basic facts are solid.

This is an issue that has been kept quiet for many DECADES.

The other big issue still being hushed up is Israel's LEGAL RIGHT to the land it is now being accused of "occupying".

Netanyahu's bringing up the subject of the Nazi Mufti's role in the Holocaust is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

I hope it is not forgotten in the name of "coexistence" or "peace," as they call it.

It would be interesting to read how Israelis are reacting to Netanyahu's denunciation, and whether it will make any difference at all for those advocating partition - among them the PM himself.

PS - Here is a new article by Professor Francisco Gil White in response to the Mufti controversy.

NETANYAHU BOMBSHELL: Founder of Palestinian movement instigated Holocaust - Is it true?

Professor Francisco Gil White's website

His video on the Nazi origins of the Palestinian movement

Batya said...

The Israeli media is so anti-Bibi, it doesn't matter what he says or happens he's blamed. He should just fight back.