Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bibi's Playing to The Wrong Audience!

It's pretty well-known and agreed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is probably the most gifted speaker, also when off-the-cuff, than any other international public figure today. That's a major reason why it's sometimes very difficult to understand exactly what his policies are.

Bibi, very eloquently, talks the defiant, doing everything for Israel's security talk, but the truth is that it's all a show, a bluff. He's charming when needs to be and an actor on the podium who rivals film star Ronald Reagan, but his policies are as solid as butter on a hot summer day.

Netanyahu is an IDF army veteran, who had served in Israel's most elite unit, proved his bravery against Israel's military enemies, but he has shown himself a wimp against our diplomatic ones. Bibi continues to mollycoddle Barack Hussein Obama, the American President, even though it's obvious that Obama is only in favor of the Arab terrorists aka Palestinian sic and does not care at all if Israel ceases to exist.

Our secular Prime Minister is spending his time trying to placate foreign officials, media, etc. rather than recognize the truth. Our only ally, the source of our salvation is Gd! Netanyahu and I are the same age, so he should remember that Israel's victories in 1967 and 1973 made no logical sense. We did not win because of our weapons or superior fighters. It had been clear "on paper" that we were going to lose and our country was to be destroyed, but Gd Almighty vetoed those plans.

We do not need the diplomatic support or approval from the United States, United Nations or any other foreign or human. As was proven in the 1967 Six Days War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel's victory is from Gd.

The State of Israel will be safer, and terrorism will cease when Arabs see us as strong, not weak. The banning of Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount and freezing (and limiting) construction of Jewish homes and public buildings in Judea and Samaria just encourages the Arabs to attack us. And treating the Arab terrorists as ordinary criminals with legal rights and privileges makes it worthwhile for them to attack us. They have nothing to lose. And their families are supported by the internationally financed  PA-Palestinian Authority which must be deligitimized immediately.

I do not fear any backlash from the changes I propose. What I fear is the escalation of terror, both military and diplomatic due to Bibi's present policies!


Shiloh said...

An excellent post Batya. You recall the pre election results that king Bibi was not going to win, at best a tie. He made the statement that NO Palestinian state, and poof, he wins big. I thought he would have caught on right then and there, and with even prodding from people I know who know him. But no, he is too deep in the globalist agenda. Maybe he is not the one to lead us into solving this mess once and for all, but how we get to that point, I don't know. But most defiantly God is with us, but it is up to us to make the moves as a Nation and we will get the help. We will not be left alone, that I know for a fact.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

I do not see it as a matter of Bibi not catching on... it was Bibi telling a lie. He made a desperate, last-minute attempt to sway the election and he knew just how to do it...capture the votes that would have gone to Yishai or Jewish Home, by saying the magic words- there will never be a "palestinian" state on my watch, but he never meant it. The best way to know when someone is lying is to look at the eyes, look at his eyes when he has his photo-ops at the Kotel, or when he is speaking before Congress, or even here in person or on video, he is the master of deceit. But, B"H, he is the last so-called leader we have to contend with and soon, please G-D, we will have Moshiach and this riff-raff will be gone.

Batya said...

Shiloh, dvorah, Bibi is dangerous and can't be trusted. He says what he thinks he needs to say and has no real principles.

Shiloh said...

Dvorah, you missed the point, like most. He had a chance to change our destiny, he got a sign, he blew it. Now things are deteriorating quickly. Maybe its what we need to happen so the one God has appointed can come to light finally.

Bayta, you wont get any disagreement with me, along with most of the rest of them in the Knesset and courts. We get what we deserve then. Lets hope God opens the door quickly, this cant go on forever.

Batya said...

Free Will means that people make mistakes--biggies.

Ariela ben-Eliezer said...