Saturday, October 10, 2015

Intifada, Dirty Schmatta-- It's War!

I don't count "intifadas." Arab terrorism, attacks against Jews predate the State of Israel. And from the time the deadly attacks were labeled "intifada," I never heard the Arab enemy/terrorists ever announcing an end. So when I began hearing talk of a second intifada going on I got confused. And now there's talk of a third intifada. For me it's just more episodes of the very same war the Arabs have been waging against us for over a hundred years.

All this Intifada, Dirty Schmatta business is a bunch of poppycock to be honest. The politicians, diplomats, media and military big shots are afraid of the truth. They don't want to admit that we Israelis are being attacked by an enemy that wants to destroy our country. The truth is that we are at war, but we're not fighting back. We are not trying to defeat our Arab enemies who are growing stronger and more internationally people all the time. We're using "cold cream" on skin cancer, perfum on gangrene.

I am embarrassed and scared, too.  At least I can say that I didn't vote Likud! But my dinky little blog here doesn't have a chance in hell to change Israeli policy. Does it?

Ahmad Gharabli/AFP

I strongly believe that it's the fear, yes, fear of a "Palestinian State" that is causing Israeli Arabs and those in Judea and Samaria to get violent. I firmly believe that the vast majority do not want to live in an Arab state. The truth is that they  feel happier and safer and more secure in the democratic and just State of Israel that they'd be in an Arab country, especially the new one that is being promoted by pretty much every country in the world including Israel!

Israeli Arabs riot LPH
It's no secret that Fatah and Hamas which would be running such a state are horrendously corrupt and violent. As Arabs fear the day that they'd be under such rule gets closer, Gd forbid!, they are now trying to make sure they'll be favored by the new bosses/government. Some of you may be wondering why Israeli Arabs are acting up. Don't forget that some Israeli politicians have proposed "land swaps" as part of the offers to the Arabs. If you listen carefully to the Israeli Leftists you will hear that they want to reduce the amount of Arabs in Israel as much as possible. So it's no surprise that Israeli Arabs do not feel very welcome or secure in the State of Israel.

So, what do I propose? OK, it's a two pronged platform:

  1. First of all, and this is possibly most difficult, Israel--Right, Left and Center-- must cease its support for the "Two State Solution" aka a Palestinian State. As part of this, the powers of the PA-Palestinian Authority must be reduced to zero. Step one is the declaration of full Israeli Sovereignty on all of the Land we hold from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Israeli citizenship will not be granted automatically. There must be a process like in many western countries which involves accepting laws and swearing allegiance to the state. And of course Jewish communities will be allowed to grow and built and multiply. The State of Israel must make it clear to all that this is our Land and we are not giving it away.
  2. Acts of terror against Israelis will be prosecuted strongly, and all Arabs who attempt to murder Jews must be executed. Foreign agents for NGO's, UN etc. who encourage any sort of actions against Israel's sovereignty are to be deported and declared persona non grata. Zero tolerance for terror against Jews means just that. Parents of underage terrorists will also be declared legally responsible. Not only will this stop terrorism, but it will stop the Jewish retaliations. 
I do not claim instant peace if the Israeli Government takes my advice. It will take time, but as we see with all of today's anti-Jewish violence, which are acts of war against Israel, the methods used by successive Israeli governments have been totally ineffective. The violence is spreading. This is a war against the State of Israel!! And we must fight it completely!


Sammy Finkelman said...

The fear of winding up in aPalestinian state can't really be that great, and the Arab powers that be are probabkly not threatening everybody. The safe course would be to do nothing - maybe not help - but not participate in an assault. And most probably what motivates someone not to help is not fear of being in aPalestinian state but more immediate retaliation by the terrorists.

What motivates someone to take part in this is not fera, but hope and ambition, and possibly immediate payment pof money.

All this is organized. I don't beleive this is coming from any general incitement, ebven though the attacks:

1) Do not involve bombs

2) Do not involve guns

3) Are done with knives held only by one person.

Having only one person use a knife is a deliberate policy to make this look less organized. If Netanyahu, and the Israeli government think this is being instigated by general propaganda and it's all lone wolves, they won't look for the organizers.

The giveaway that all these knife attacks are organzied, besides the fact taht they all suddenly happening at once with radio broadcasts specifically encouraging people to use knives (which I think is not happening) is that in one case of 2 Yeshiva Bochurs from a Yeshiva in the old city who were attacked, (in an attack the Yehsiva wanted to keep secret for fear Americans would withdraw their boiys from that yeshiva) they were surrounded by 6 Arabs to box them in, but only one carried a knife.

There are also attacks by many people acting in concert, but they are all "peaceful" (??!) demonstrations involving rock throwing, throwing of Molotov cocktails, and rushing at barriers.

The goal is to get Israel to kill more Arabs than they kill Jews, and killing Arabs when it can be reasonably argued they didn't have to, and making it look like Israel is escalating the situation.

This will end with Hamas firing rockets from Gaza, and more important, Hezbollah, or some other Iranian backed militia, firing rockets from Syrian territory as soon as Vladimir Putin gives the OK.

It will look for a long time like this will not happen, but then it will, rather suddenly.

I don't know what the game plan is after that, but before that, it is to make it look like this is gradual escalation and not a sudden aggression, and that Israel is more at fault for escalating this.

Batya said...

Remember that Arab terrorists shot the Henkins with guns.
Remember I work with Arabs, and I have no doubt that there is fear. Remember: Shiloh Musings: "Don't Take My Picture! THEY'll Kill Me"

Shiloh said...

Of course there is an endgame. As Psalm 83 wraps up, we will be heading into Ezekiel 38. You think Russia is putting S-300 systems for the US Proxy ISIS, who don't possess aircraft? This is a war. Its a war against Israel. The Vatican wants Jerusalem, some say others want the oil as found in the Golan. Putin has signed a gas deal with Abu Mazen and Putin has said he will work with the Arabs in bringing to reality a fakestine. We have our leaders who are working with the enemy, right under our noses. The leaders are afraid of the Vatican, the Arabs, the world. This
isn't about worrying if some speck of milk touched a plate designated for meat, this is about the Creator of All. Either its real, or we need to stop our own charade and call it a day. WE have no reason to not create our destiny as a Nation under God, not religion. As the Arabs say, their god is greater, well, that is nonsense, there is only ONE Creator of All, their moon god Allah is stronger then the Creator of All, who created their god Allah? Time to wake up Israel.
Your idea's are fine about annexing the land. WE also need to allow any Arabs who want to live a decent moral life, building this country, to stay. Give large Arab enclaves a position of an elected mayor, who answers to Israel, and Israeli law. Those, who prefer to relocate, help them out for humanitarian reasons. Those who want our demise, unleash the IDF, they will have no problem mopping up the trouble makers. Expel all the fakestine leadership immediately. The world will wet their pants, but so what, we need to live. Enough of the fear of the death cult and cult of Esav.

Batya said...

You mix things up. Some right and some wrong. In bus now.

Shiloh said...

So while making such statements, please advise me where I am wrong?