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Monday, October 19, 2015

Arab aka "Palestinian" Terror: It's Not About "Settlements"

This new wave of Arab terror against Israelis is proving what I've been saying/writing for years, that the focus of the Arabs is not on Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, Jordan Valley and the Golan. The Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and Gush Katif, including the destruction of Jewish life there, did not placate the Arab appetite for war, terror and murder.

The last private home left standing in Neve Dekalim was destroyed on Thursday, ending the Defense Ministry' s Gush Katif home demolition operation,

Close to forty years ago, after Menachem Begin became Israel's Prime Minister and shocked us all by giving Egypt the Sinai and destroying all of the Jewish communities that had been built. He insisted that it would guarantee the security and Israeli identity of those in the rest of the Land of Israel. I can still hear his booming voice promising that his unprecedented move would be for peace. Here we are decades later, and we know that all these withdrawals ever did was to bring us war and terror.

Incitement video posted to Fatah official homepage, on January 21, 2014. Photo: Screenshot / PMW.

Until the bombing by the Arabs last summer of Tel Aviv, it was still easy for the Israeli media, politicians,  academics and foreigners to claim that if Israel was to destroy and uproot the "settlements" the Arabs would be happy, and we'd have peace.

multi-family building project in Shiloh
photo by Batya Medad (yes, me)

Now, this recent "wave of terror," the latest euphemism for war, is clearly proving that to be a lie. Not only are the Arab terrorists targeting pre-1967 Six Days War Israel aka "Israel proper," but an extremely high percentage of the Arab terrorists are legal residents of Israel with working papers or Israeli Arabs. I have noticed and commented on this trend of Arabs who seem are legally part of Israeli life to have taken up the gauntlet of terror against Israelis and Jews. One of the most brutal terror attacks was the massacre in the Har Nof, Jerusalem, synagogue just a year ago by Arabs who worked in the neighborhood.

Israeli ZAKA first responders at the site where two Palestinian terrorists on Tuesday entered the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue in the Jewish neighborhood of Har Nof, Jerusalem, with pistols and axes, and began attacking Jewish worshippers. Four Jewish worshippers were killed in the attack. Credit: ZAKA Spokesperson.

It was a Bezeq (Israel's main telephone and internet provider) worker who used a company car to ram into innocent Israelis at a bus stop and then brutally stab and murder them in downtown Jerusalem.

Bezeq Terrorist Praised Har Nof Massacre on TV - Inside Israel - News - Arutz Sheva

And last night the target of the Arab terrorists was the Beersheva Central Bus Station. One IDF soldier was murdered and many were injured.

Arab terror attack in the Beersheva Central Bus Station

I hope and pray that our Israeli Government will wise up and recognize that the aim of the Arabs and their international sympathizers is the destruction of the State of Israel. There is no way of placating them with small Jewish communities like Shiloh when they are drooling over Beersheva, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

We must fight a war for our very survival and stop trying to play to the international stage. Israel has no real allies, and nothing we do will win the world over. So let us just fight and defeat our enemies. That is the only way we will have peace!!


LondonMale said...

I do not recognise such things as "Settlements".
The very idea is left over from the early years of the 20th century. Nor are there "Settlers."
It is all Eretz Yisrael, and to use these word sonly gives fuel to the world who want to frame is as "Settling" and "Occupying" land that in their ignorant or anti_Semitic views is somehow not ours.

Batya Medad said...

That is why I used quotation marks.

in the vanguard said...

Batya, your last paragraph ends, " So let us just fight and defeat our enemies. That is the only way we will have peace!!"

We must drive them out of our country. As long as one remains, he will be a thorn in our side. It's a Jewish country and should be entirely Jewish. Is that not the will of Hashem as expressed in Torah. Just "defeating" them would be nice, but we must toss them out because otherwise we're inviting yet another future problem with them. They are incorrigible liars, haters and untrustworthy. And if not X, then his children or grandchildren will want to kill and die for some made-up reason. Defeat is just not enough.

Anyhow, getting rid of them seems conceptually, in our time, rather naive, to be sure, but that is the solution to Israel's problems - by following Torah guidelines. And for this to ultimately and absolutely manifest, we hope and pry Moshiach very quickly replaces Bibi.

Batya Medad said...