Friday, October 9, 2015

Too Many Terror Victims-Need Scorecard

This recent "wave" of Arab terror here all over Israel has become too massive to keep track of. As usual, the media is trying to play it down and only reporting the big damaging attacks. Way back when, almost twenty 20 years ago when I was injured by an Arab terrorist, the police and politicians tried really hard to prove that the Arab terrorist had run over us, including murdering one woman, as accidentally. So, unfortunately, nothing's new at all.

Jewish victims of Arab terror of the last week. My guess is that it is already out of date.

The only thing "new" is that the percentage of Arab terror attacks that have not been in Judea/Samaria is high. This proves two things:

  1. Arab terrorism is not a reaction to Israel's 1967 victory. The terrorists are not killing to get back Shiloh, Beit El or Susiya. They want Jaffa, Beersheva and Haifa, all of Israel. Their aim is to destroy the State of Israel
  2. Israeli Arabs are loyal, seditious citizens of the State of Israel. All those who attack Jews or promote attacking Jews, sympathize with the terrorists, even the MKs must be legally prosecuted and jailed or executed according to the crime.
MK Haneen Zoabi,
photo credit:REUTERS
Last night when I came back from a lovely wedding in dangerous Jaffa, the site of one of the recent terror attacks, I turned on the Israeli television news. Yes, I'm becoming a masochistic news junkie.  I was totally horrified to see that they interviewed the extreme Left anti-Israel Arab terror sympathizer pro-Hamas MK Haneen Zoabi, giving her lots of screen time to spout her outrageous and seditious views. Instead of being allowed on our state supported television programs she should be jailed in solitary confinement, completely forbidden visits, telephone, internet and social media.

On the ride back home I heard from family members who had visited some of the mourning families, those who are sitting shiva (weeklong Jewish mourning) for those who were murdered by those who Zoabi sympathizes.

  • How could Israeli television allow such lies as Zoabi told about Jewish History and the Temple Mount? 
  • How is it that she isn't in jail?
Why don't we have politicians willing to be true leaders willing to do all for our country and our security?

There will not be peace until we have a strong confident government which won't kowtow to foreign leaders and dangerous ideas!!


Shiloh said...

Yup, the leaders!

Elimelech said...

We have to wake up to the fact that Israel ceased to exist as an independent state when they signed the Oslo Accords in the early 1990's. The present Israeli government is not very different to the British Mandatory authorities with it's 'even-handed' approach.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Something very big, planned by Iran, is probably in the works.

This is all just probably an excuse for a wider war. Maybe when the Russians get finished, if they get finished, with what they are doing in northwest Syria.

I admit I am not sure I can follow Iran's strategy.

I mean what do they gain by involving Israel in Syria's civil war? (after rockets are fired from Syrian territory in support of the intifada and retaliation for the "horrible crimes" Israel is committing, which is the obvious next step.)

I have thought the plan is maybe to get:

A) A Russian negotiated ceasefire, which will be dependent on Assad continuing in power in Damascus, and guaranteed by outside powers.

B) Since most of the enemies of Assad are Islamists, when they find themselves fighting on the same side as Israel, they'll say they are they made a mistake in fighting Assad and make peace with Assad. (?!)

C) Maybe the idea is to split the Arab coalition and make it impossible for Saaudi Arabia to aid the enemies of Assad. (?)

D) It's just a crazy Iranian plan to attack everybody on all fronts. (???)

E) Putin has sold Iran on something but intends something else, like becoming the guarantor of peace and the one person capable of restraining Iran.

Batya said...

All very depressing, guys. It's the insecurity that increases or encourages Arab terrorism.

Anonymous said...

If Israel is a Jewish state then so be it.

But Arabs inside Jewish state demand equal rights etc.

Something that even if it does happen will not reach out to underprivileged Arabs whose youth are out there leading the riots.

Which Israel leader in your opinion can clean up house and ensure peace in our time?

Batya said...

I am not impatient for peace. Bettrr a diamond than cheap plastic

Anonymous said...

Just imagine a pro Bin Laden/pro 9-11 sitting in the US senate or housr of representitives.