Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bibi's Fancy U.N. Words versus Facts on The Ground

Photo by Avi Ohayon, GPO

As expected, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wowed his supporters in his latest speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Bibi writes a good speech and performs even better, but as I've written innumerable times, they're just words.
But Netanyahu described Iran, Islamic State and the militant group Hamas that controls the Gaza Strip as part of a single team, comparing them all to Germany's Nazis, who killed six million Jews in World War Two.
"The Nazis believed in a master race; the militant Islamists believe in a master faith," Netanyahu said in his speech at the annual gathering of the 193-nation assembly in New York. "They just disagree who among them will be the master of the master faith."
"Make no mistake, ISIS (Islamic State) must be defeated," Netanyahu added. "But to defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war." (Reuters)

I really don't care what he said, because I've heard it all before, and I've blogged it, too.

The truth is that there's great bitterness, disappointment in Israel, because as bravely and firmly as Bibi speaks in forums like the U.N. General Assembly, we don't see that strength on the ground here where we really need it in action. This past summer Bibi led our brave IDF to slink away grabbing at ceasefires with our enemy as if we had been defeated.

The Israeli south and north are in fear of the many sophisticated Arab terrorist tunnels hidden under seemingly peaceful fields, orchards, neighborhoods and schools. And it's no secret that seemingly innocent looking schools and hospitals in Gaza are really missile launching sites in disguise. It's no comfort to hear that 80% of the missiles were destroyed, because we all know that like a cancerous tumor or dangerous bacteria left in the body after insufficient, abbreviated treatment, they will soon expand to larger than the previous amount.

Despite Bibi's brave and strong words, facts on the ground here in Israel are different. The Israeli Government hasn't adopted the "zero tolerance" policy against Arab terrorism. Jews who are attacked by Arab terrorists aren't getting necessary aid from the IDF and police.
Local Arab youths took advantage of the lack of police presence almost immediately to carry out what appears to have been a pre-planned ambush.
Hanan recounted how an Arab horseman began intimidating a group of Jewish families walking near to Hanan's group, including young children, by charging them repeatedly with his horse. Then, two Arab youths began pelting the families with rocks and bottles, eventually forcing them to turn back. (Arutz 7)
Many Jewish Jerusalem lightrail passengers avoid the northern section of the route from French Hill to Pisgat Zeev because of increased attacks and harassment by Arab passengers. They take buses instead.

We Israelis would prefer that our Prime Minister use actions rather than words. Nothing he says or pictures he shows will ever earn us friends and allies among United Nations member nations. We have only one true ally and leader, and it's not a person or country. As we say in our prayers:
אל מלך נאמן El Melech Ne’eman, God is the Faithful King


yitz said...

From a Facebook friend today (my translation from the Hebrew):
"Apparently, congratulations are in order for Netanyahu's strong speech at the United Nations.
But again he felt he has to throw them a bone: territorial compromise, painful concessions...
So, in pain, sadness and disgrace, we continue to see the same schizophrenia: aggressive talk on the one hand, knowing that any concession to the new Nazis only weakens us; and on the other hand, continued withdrawals, submission and disgrace ...
There is no choice, brothers, but to shout out to Heaven till a brand new power appears: Moshiach Tzidkeinu, who sprouts out of a deep pain for the Honor of G-d, His Nation and His Torah.
Our Father, our King! Raise the glory of Israel, Your Nation! Raise the glory of Your Anointed!"

Batya said...

Bibi like our leaders in the past are turning David into Saul. Yitz, thanks.

goyisherebbe said...

The shelf life of modern political leaders is getting shorter because of the shortening of attention span in the i-generation, the iPod generation. But Bibi is still there. Why? Two reasons. Because he is a spellbinder as a speaker, both in English and Hebrew. Second, because people are afraid to make the decision to replace him. There are basically two choices: the alternate candidate in the Likud (aka Licouldn't), probably Moshe Feiglin but maybe Danny Danon; or the Jewish Home candidate, probably Naftali Bennett. To be effective in helping to make the change of leadership you have to make your voice felt. Join the nationalist party of your choice which has a primary election, namely one of the two mentioned above. If you choose Likud, vote for your choice for alternative party leader when the time comes. When the general election comes, if the alternative candidate is leading the Likud, you can vote for him. If not, vote for the Jewish Home or another party which represents you. If you vote for a hareidi party, even if your lifestyle and belief system are hareidi, you are not letting your voice be heard. Small parties under the new election law are not likely to reach the threshold to get into the Knesset. It will take a minimum of 4 seats, about 160,000 votes, to be represented. Then once you vote, watch the party leaders not listen to how you voted and form the coalition against the express wishes of the voters. I invite readers to suggest how to best work to prevent this from happening. I don't know. The party leaders are all sly and sleazy.

Batya said...

Yes, goyish, sly, sleazy and totally unreliable.