Thursday, September 4, 2014

The U.S.A. and Israel Both Refuse to Take Necessary Steps Against Their Enemies

Many people, political pundits and ambitious politicians all over the world are complaining that United States President Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have the guts, nor ideology to finish off the true enemies of world peace.
Voters regard the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS as a major threat to the United States and are very worried that President Obama doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with the problem. 
He prefers chastising and threatening Israel. As worrying as that is, Israel, which is even more endangered than America is no better. We just ended a very necessary war without achieving our goal, without destroying the Hamas terror infrastructure.

Shiite Muslim fighters take part in a last combat training before joining the government forces to fight Islamic State jihadists / Getty Images

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Evelyn Gordon makes a very important point in her article here that we really have no choice other than to reoccupy Gaza.
Judging by the polls, Israelis aren’t happy with the results of the war that (perhaps) ended last Tuesday. Only a third think Israel beat Hamas; most expect hostilities to resume within a year; a majority opposed the cease-fire; and a whopping 60 percent feel less secure than they did before the war...Nevertheless, Hamas remains firmly in control of Gaza, and its desire to destroy Israel is undiminished. Even without resupply, it has enough rockets and mortars left for another war: about 3,000, according to IDF estimates.  And in time, it probably will be able to replenish its arsenal: Egyptian border guards have frequently proven corruptible; the current Egyptian government may not last; and Western pressure, which has repeatedly led Israel to ease restrictions on Gaza over the past several years, will likely do so again once the war’s impact fades.
Thus, even if this war buys a longer period of quiet than the last one did (a mere 20 months), another war seems inevitable. And next time, the circumstances might be considerably less convenient than they were this summer, when many Arab countries offered Israel unprecedented support while enemies like Hezbollah and Syria were preoccupied with their own problems...
Unfortunately, by allowing Hamas to rearm, we will just suffer more the next war.


Leah said...

batya, literally- without a doubt we can only rely on Hashem. It is so clear. Sure, we can write the gov't. Sure, we can vote. Sure, we can do this or that, but to no avail.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Who's allowing Hamas to re-arm?

Hamas now says it will buld its own port, without anybody's permission.

But this business of a mor open border, (that is not alllowing them to re-arm) may come to ahead long before that - maybe in a month.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Benjamin Netanyahu on why he did not want to destroy Hamas:

Netanyahu told Channel 2 in a lengthy interview that he did not rule out reconquering Gaza and uprooting Hamas in the future — as many of his critics and detractors have demanded — if conditions necessitated such a move, but warned that such drastic action would come at a heavy price and would carry lasting consequences for Israel.

In order to drive home his point, Netanyahu referenced the US’s war in Iraq and specifically the many battles and heavy casualties it suffered in its attempt to cleanse the city of Fallujah of militant forces, an attempt which he said was quickly undone once the military left the territory.

“The US fought against a smaller Gaza called Fallujah… Fallujah is a tenth the size of Gaza. The great United States fought in Fallujah, its Gaza, sacrificed hundreds of soldiers who fought bravely… Went in once, twice, three times,” he said.

“Thousands of Iraqis were killed there. Many thousands. And in the end it went out and al-Qaeda came back.”

Netanyahu said he believed an attempt to conquer Gaza temporarily in order to oust Hamas would carry a similarly high cost in soldiers’ lives as well as in civilian casualties. “If we pay those prices, and they are heavy prices, we may need to stay there,” he said.

But such a continued presence would waste precious resources at a time when Israel must also contend with threats on ther fronts.

We have al-Qaeda on the fence now in the Golan Heights,” he noted, referring to the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front which in recent days has taken over territory adjacent to the Israeli border, including Syria’s only border crossing with Israel.

“The Islamic State is racing towards us and al-Qaeda is on the Golan borders… I chose in this reality not to invest all of our resources in this one arena (Gaza).”

debbyfayga said...

Bibi took a fall, did not want to win the war, end of story. He chose saving arab lives over Jewish lives due to his listening to moral denigrate attorneys who work for him.

debbyfayga said...

re edited
Anonymous debbyfayga said...
Bibi took a fall, did not want to win the war, end of story. He chose saving arab lives over Jewish lives due to his listening to moral degenerate attorneys who work for him.

Batya said...

This is all so depressing.
Sammy, They don't ask our permission to rearm. I'm sure the Europeans will pay for the port.
Leah, but we must make our efforts first, or G-d won't help and rescue us.

debbyfayga, re: Bibi, I'm saddened but not surprised.

Leah said...

Hishtadlut, yes, of course. :)

Batya said...

amen, but only G-d can decide when we've done enough