Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scotland Should Regain its Indpendence

I don't understand the morality behind Great Britain's protests and threats to the Scottish people about their independence bids. Davka Great Britain, the country behind the invention of all sorts of countries and imaginary histories, is having fits because the Scots want to regain their independence.
Analysing the survey, which put yes at 51%, to 49% for no, Kellner wrote:"Seldom has the term 'knife-edge' carried such lethal force. A two-point gap is too small for us to call the outcome."
The speed and size of the collapse in the no campaign's lead is astonishing, Kellner said. "The fact that the contest is too close to call is itself remarkable, as Better Together seemed to have victory in the bag. Month after month, they held a steady lead, averaging no 58%, yes 42%. In the past four weeks, support for the union has drained away at an astonishing rate."
The Scots do have a long history as a separate people, nation, kingdom. According to Wikipedia, it's 2,000, yes, two thousand years old. This chart covers the second half of that time.

That's in total contrast to countries invented by Great Britain, like Jordan, modern Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, India and Pakistan. Don't forget their biggest con on the world, "Arab Palestine," which they have been trying to get as to block a Jewish State for almost a hundred years.

I don't see why Scotland shouldn't be be able to regain independence if the people want. They certainly pass the shared history, culture test unlike most modern nations. And supporting their quest doesn't in any way give legitimacy to the Arabs here. Just the opposite. Contrast documented Scottish History with the faux people of "Palestine," sic.


aparatchik said...

We are being offered independence but, unlike Israel, we don't really need independence. Most of the debate is being framed in financial terms - which was the same reason we united with England in the first place. If we do become independent, I see no reason why we should be allowed to retain sterling - just as I see no reason why the PLO should use the Israeli currency.

pounce_uk said...

I don't understand the morality behind Great Britain's protests and threats to the Scottish people about their independence bids.

Actually, I am English (of Indian immigrants) and from my poitn of view I see nobody issuing any threats if Scotland goes. The British Government has quite rightly said , the will of the people counts and has remained out of the argument.

The Media on the otherhand has blown this out of all proportion. Speaking around the vast majority of British people don't give a toss, if Scotland goes. If anything the threats have come from the Pro Independence camp. For example:
If we can't get to use the pound, then we will not take any of our debt and leave it with the English.

While we deserve the right to vote on independence, the Shetlands Islands (which want to remain with England) are to be denied that right.

The whole situation is turning ugly , with Nationalistic bullying coming from..Scotland. English people are getting attacked, Pro Union people are getting attacked.

As I said I come from Indian Immigrants so I am not taking any sides.

Batya said...

aparachnik, PLO isn't a country. It's a terror movement.

pounce_uk, the news I heard on tv last night sounded very nasty and reported threats.