Sunday, September 21, 2014

Christian Missionary Joel Rosenberg and Family Make Aliyah

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Joel Rosenberg, a renowned "end-times" author and missionary, who promotes proselytizing the Jewish people and dedicates resources to targeting Israelis for conversion, has managed to make Aliyah with his family.

Rosenberg was able to immigrate to Israel as a practicing Christian missionary via a loophole in Israel's Law of Return. 
Just five months ago JewishIsrael reported that the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin, granted legitimacy to Rosenberg by sharing the podium with him at New York’s West Side Lincoln Square Synagogue in an interfaith theological exchange sponsored by Ohr Torah Stone’s Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation...more


Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that these missionaries are finding it easier & easier to push their way into Israel; with the likes of so-called rabbis, such as Riskin, E.Melamed, and others,aiding and abettting. it's not surprising. The outrage is that no one calls them out and sees to it that they are literally put into cherem. They are no longer part of kehilat Yisrael. All this is proving is that 'medinat Yisrael' is nearing its end at this rate, and from that will arise Eretz Yisrael! Fooling around with Hashem is no laughing matter. We pray the geulah will be with great rachamim al Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, these rabbbis (Riskin, etc.) will do teshuvah. This whole thing is very distressing, especially now before Rosh Hashanah. Another question, how can there be any loopholes in the law, by allowing missionaries to make aliyah? Thought 'outright 5987missionaries' were outlawed in Israel.

Batya said...

a, we must support Jewish-Israel which is the most reliable organization in this struggle.
Ellen, thanks for posting