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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Last Havel Havelim of 5774!

Our traditional
Rosh Hashannah"fruit head." 
Yes, we're in the very last days of the Jewish Year of 5774. On Wednesday night, as the sun goes down the year 5775 will begin. May it be a wonderful year of joy, good health, wisdom and peace for the entire Jewish People.

We Jewish bloggers have a great opportunity to promote Judaism and Israel via the internet. Today, many people can read our posts (articles) even on their phones. For many, even the computer is passe`.  We can even blog on our phone or tablet. And wherever/however you read or blog, you can share and comment on posts, too. So please comment and share the posts you find interesting. And of course share and comment on this Havel Havelim, thanks.
Havel Havelim is the weekly international Jewish blog carnival that has been appearing well over a decade. It was begun by Soccer Dad who no longer blogs. He coordinated it for quite a while. Now we use our facebook page to coordinate and publicize it. That's where we sign up to host an edition and see the latest news. Join the page and become part of the community. Because next week is a short blogging week due to Rosh Hashannah, there probably won't be an edition until after Yom Kippur, when it will be hosted by Tzivia, Adventures in AliyahLand submit to tzivia@aliyahland.com. Please submit your posts before Yom Kippur, thanks.

As has been my custom of late, I'm first listing the posts that had been submitted to me, then mine and finally, if I have time, I'll add whatever I find on other blogs. Again, please read, comment and share, thanks.

Yaaqov Ben-Yehuda, Britain Is Growing Increasingly Anti-Semitic: Really? You Think?
Esser Agaroth, Knesset Urged to Act Against Leftist Attorney General
Tomer Devora, Moishela: "I Have Been Given Permission to Reveal to You Future Events"
Donny Fuchs, Anti-Missionary Conference
Torah Revolution, Letting the Xtians Harvest Grapes On Our Land: A Modern-day and Voluntary Greed-galore Slave-trade!
RJS, Did You Hear about Jerusalem’s Emek Refaim Street?
Jacob Richman, Photos of the Euthymius Monastary and the Ma’ale Adumim’s Fire and Rescue Station and Educational Resources and Cool Videos about Rosh Hashanah
JBC Jewish Book Carnival: September 2014
Ben-Tzion, Adventures of a Chief Rabbi: Chivitos for Dinner (with apologies to my vegetarian friends…)
Jewish Israel, JewishIsrael Gives Presentation at "Cancelled" Counter-Missionary Event
Shiloh Musings, Strong Jewish Women
Bibi, Connect the Dots! If Hamas is Like ISIS, Then Fatah is, Too!
me-ander, "Suburban Life" in Jerusalem's Old City Walls
Last Taste of Summer
The Depth of "Modah Ani" on My Birthday
Converting to Judaism! So when’s Gwyneth Paltrow coming to Israel?
I Was Robbed!
Count Your Blessings - Day 13
9 months

A reminder from Leora who hosts JPIX, the Jewish bloggers picture carnival. She's planning on producing another editions soon, so please get your links to her on the form click here.

The next Kosher Cooking Carnival is due out after Rosh Hashannah, so please send me your links before the holiday, shilohmuse at gmail dot com. KCC is coordinated on a facebook page, too.

Most important message:

You don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share Havel Havelim!


Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks for hosting, and for including my links!

Shannah Tovah!

The Last Haveil Havalim of 5774 Is Up!

Batya said...

Thank you!